Damien Auvray

359 Rue de Fayard · 38850 Charavines, France · +33(0) 637 597 260 · contact@damienauvray.fr

I’m a French student on a fourth-year in computer science.



Granby (QC), Canada

Developing a python application on Odoo.
Local result: 92%. French result: 15/20.

April 2017 - Jun 2017

Team working: PROJET TUTORÉ

IUT Annecy, France

Developing a PHP website for the university.On CMS WordPress.
Final result: 19/20.

September 2016 - March 2017

Team working: WORDPRESS

IUT Annecy, France

Week of team working on CMS WordPress.
Final result: 15/20.

September 2016 - March 2017


Ecole Polytechnique de l'Université de Tours

IT Engineer (In progress)
5-years engineering diploma in computer science. (Currently in fourht-year).
2017 - 2018

Université Savoie Mont-Blanc

DUT Informatique
2-years university diploma in computer science.
2015 - 2017

Edouard Herriot Hight School

French Baccalaureate S SVT/Mathematics
High School diploma specialized in science with Latin option.
2012 - 2015


Programming Languages
Programming Tools
Operating Systems
  • Reliability, Testing & Debugging
  • Multi language development


New technologies and broadcasting in its entirety.

Sport: Sailing, ski and running in contest.

Music, I love playing guitar, violin and piano.

Personal skills

I’m innovative, dynamic and confident.

I interact well with diverse cultures.

I’m self-directed and able to take initiative.


French (native)

English (B2)      

German (A2)    


My Website

I started to create my website in 2016 during my studies. There are many personal projects that I have developed for myself including this presentation.

Raspberry PI

I develop some application on my PI3, I'm also testing all my projects on it to know how they are working. (Using Rasbian, eclipse, blueJ, vi ...). I'm also using it as a vpn server (OpenVPN) for friends who are in Quebec and want a french vpn.

UNIX Shell - Parallel computing

During my studies with Donovan G. we developed a fully functional Parallel computing Shell in C. (I'm using this shell on my raspberry).

Operations research

In Polytech Tours, we have developed a multi-research system to solve the Knapsack problem (C, heuristic - Metaheuristic) and the Travelling salesman problem (JAVA, local search).

Multicore programming

Developing a PI calculator in C to learn how to use OpenMP and Cuda. Project done with Donovan G. during an Optimization programming lesson in Polytech Tours.

Java project - Small company application

Creation of an application allowing the management of the employees of a company. Include a system of checking (Server on a local network). Developed in Java to answer the need for a company (individual project of Polytech Tours).

Awards & Certifications

  • IT Developer graduated
  • Bachelor graduated
  • Participation in the event "Nuit de l'Info" 2016, 2017